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Get online with your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, pda or phone at a Little Chef to work, play and stay connected.

What equipment do I need?

A wireless compatible (Wi-Fi 802.11b) laptop or handheld computer. Most modern computers have a built-in wireless LAN (local area network) card, and many can be upgraded with the addition of a wireless networking card.

What about software?

Your device should run recent Microsoft Windows software, and the service works through your usual web browser, optimised for Internet Explorer 5 or above and Internet Pocket Explorer.

How do I get connected?

  1. Step 1 Turn on your device and make sure Wi-Fi is active
  2. Step 2 Select '_The Cloud' from the available networks.
  3. Step 3 Open your internet browser. The cloud landing page will appear.

If you have never logged in to the cloud before follow the simple one time registration process, otherwise login using your cloud account. If you already have a Wi-Fi account with one of our partner service providers (e.g. o2 or ipass) then login using your service provider account details.

* Subject to availability. A small number of restaurants may not be able to offer this service.